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Future AirPods could feature light sensors for better health monitoring

Supply chain sources say that Apple is considering fitting ambient light sensors into future earbuds.

44Tbps is officially the world’s fastest internet speed

Researchers record fastest internet speed ever using a micro-comb.

How the first Apple over-ear headphones could beat the Sony WH-1000XM3

The Apple AirPods Studio are rumored to launch in 2020 – but will they ever beat the Sony WH-1000XM3?

Here’s why you still can’t find a webcam anywhere you look

Increasing number of companies asking staff to work from home has led to shortage of office supplies and computer peripherals.

We’re glad in helping people stay connected during Covid-19: Zoom India Head

Zoom India head Sameer Raje, in an exclusive chat with TechRadar India, talks about the various aspects connected with Zoom videoconferencing, which is now the most downloaded app on Google play store India.

Best PlayStation Now games: the top PS Now games to stream or download today

These are the best games available on PlayStation Now, right now.

Tech News

Silicon Valley perks up its ears for buzzy audio chat startup

Clubhouse has won devotees even though it remains in a ‘beta’ test mode

TikTok’s in-app revenue skyrockets during lockdowns

The Chinese market, served by Douyin, contributed 86.6% of the app income

Falcon Eye Drones reaches for the stars with mega deal

UAE SME makes history by becoming largest provider of drones services in ME

Mazda RX-Vision GT3 is gorgeous – and you can drive it!

It’s available, virtually, in Gran Turismo Sport developed exclusively for PlayStation 4

Facebook introduces in-app notifications in Messenger

Messenger to have pop-up ‘safety notices’ to warn of potential scammers

US COVID-19 tracking: a patchwork of apps, human tracers

With digital or manual systems, concerns remain over privacy and government surveillance