China’s Huawei brings a ‘Smart Office’ experience to UAE market
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China’s Huawei brings a ‘Smart Office’ experience to UAE market

Dubai: Huawei has rolled out its latest collection of Super Device products – MatePad, MateView and MateBook series – to enhance the Smart Office experience. It was earlier this year that Huawei launched the first bundle featuring the MateBook X Pro, MatePad Pro and MateView standalone monitor.

With more consumers using smart devices than ever before, the main issue is that these products belong to individual locked systems that make interconnections difficult, and which in turn results in a fragmented user experience. This is evident with the constant shuffling that happens when working with multiple devices.

To address this problem, Huawei designed the Super Device experience to provide a common language for different kinds of devices to connect and collaborate. This in turn will allow users to have a consistent multi-device experience that enables them to shift between work and personal modes.

This allows seamless interconnectivity provided through the new distributed technology. The idea is to bring a unified experience brought about by one virtual Super Device and which allows all devices to work as one. Through this integration with hardware and software, Huawei expects to change the way users interact with their devices.



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