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App popularity is not always set in stone

Creating apps and launching them always have an element of luck about it. No one knows which will end up being successful and attract legions of users.

Apps have become famous because of a new feature added, such as BlackBerry Messenger, which was once the most popular. Before that it was the Messenger from Microsoft, and there used to the ICQ programme.


The Fleet feature on Twitter – or “stories” as some call it – and the one on Snapchat have become one of the most all-consuming app features in use today. Versions are there on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. Some may wonder: “How can I post everywhere?” Until an app comes to solve this problem, you will need to post everywhere.

The spread of this feature indicates the high demand, and this very success will shorten the time to create follow-up features.

Not there yet

But on WhatsApp, I see that privacy is not taken seriously, as anyone can see your posts just because your number is registered. It is true that there are more settings, but they are not practical. If they had adopted the follow-up request system and then approved by you, it would be better for everyone.

But as is said, there is no full privacy on the internet… except shutting it down. Which is impossible…

Shopping goes social

One of the latest features is Instagram stores, which makes it easier for the shop owners to sell and display specifications directly within the app. This feature is now available in many countries, including the UAE, and the first subscribers are already there. Who knows, maybe Twitter will also have its own store…

Pre-set mode

Not everyone may agree, but the features and advantages of noon Daily are almost indisputable. It is like a machine, as you only need to adjust the options once and for it to work. Then you will find that the milk, cheese, and bread have reached you on the specified day of each week, as well as the rice, spices, sugar, vegetables, meat, and fish on a designated day of every month – and at competitive prices. This is one of the greatest features that anyone has always dreamed of, as it saves time, effort, and money.

More than dancing

TikTok is popular for its videos and the way it allows audio to be integrated. This is why it has become the fastest spreading app in the world. So much so, tech giants are threatening to buy the app or simply copy the features on theirs. Just as happened with Snapchat, this is what will happen to TikTok soon.

Neglecting customers destroys all past successes and end up destroying the organization as well, as had happened at Nokia, Blackberry, Nortel, and many others.

Keep him and her at the top

Lots of apps spend on ads but don’t care about customer service. We see major pitfalls on service from companies we think to be huge and beyond criticism. In fact, they are fragile on their customer services – one irate customer is all it takes to demolish what they spent on ads and turn them into a mirage.

– Ahmed Al Zarouni is a Dubai based tech specialist



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