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Dexa Coin integrates digital payments into its social messaging platform

Dexa Coin announces partnership with Accubits, a leading technology company in the region, whose client portfolio includes Nasa, Smart Dubai, and the UAE’s Ministry of Community Development.

Dexa Coin integrates blockchain technology into its core system to empower everyday users with access to this technology. Its users will be able to experience HD voice and video calls on the platform and can seamlessly socialise with friends and family through the social messenger app while also sending and receiving payments. Thanks to blockchain technology, digital payments are instant and secure.

Dexa Coin’s future plans include introducing mobile-based multiplayer games such as pool and combat into the platform that enable users to challenge each other and improve their in-game performance by using the native Dexa token. Accubits is now spearheading the application development of the platform and is also responsible for the development of its blockchain ecosystem.

Accubits is renowned for working on major technology projects. It is the company behind the launch of the first blockchain satellite into space scheduled by the third quarter of 2021.

Adnan Altaf, CEO of Dexa Coin, and Shameer Thaha, CSO of Accubits Technologies, signed the partnership agreement on March 31.

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