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ViewSonic’s CDE20 wireless presentation display series packs advanced collaboration and remote management tools

Leading global provider of visual solutions, ViewSonic has recently introduced its latest wireless presentation display (WPD) solution, the CDE20 series. The all-new 4K slim bezel commercial display series has been designed to enhance content sharing, group collaboration, and remote management. A wireless presentation display is an all-in-one presentation system including simple wireless connectivity, screen sharing, and an integrated multi-media display – the CDE20 series is all this and much more. With a purpose to make content sharing easier, users don’t have to worry about cables or interruptions from switching sources. ViewSonic’s CDE20 series sports rich software tools that include myViewBoard Display, ViewBoard Cast, and myViewBoard Manager. The solution, in its entirety, allows participants to share information quickly and seamlessly, thus dramatically amplifying the efficacy of collaborative endeavours and empowering administrators to manage devices significantly more efficiently. The solution has been crafted, keeping in mind the whole bring your own device (BYOD) approach that users prefer today. The CDE20 series take user experience to a whole new level to revolutionize modern workspaces.

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Boasting of stunning 4K Ultra HD resolution, high brightness, wide viewing angles, and dual speakers, ViewSonic’s CDE20 large format wireless presentation displays drive seamless, hassle-free and much more efficient meeting experiences in conference rooms, boardrooms, and even huddle spaces. With ViewSonic’s ViewBoard Cast content sharing software being a part of the solutions, users can enjoy easy streaming of content from their own devices on the display. In this pandemic-ridden period, where employees are either working in different offices or from home, they can genuinely enjoy collaborative productivity with the advanced large format displays in the ViewSonic CDE20 series. The displays in this series come with four-times the resolution that Full HD delivers. The Ultra HD 3840×2160 displays in the CDE20 series deliver incredible viewing experiences with impressively immersive images that are vibrant, clear, and as larger than life. Sporting an integrated content management system, the latest series from ViewSonic allow users to enjoy a free cloud-based introductory service subscription from ViewSonic’s content management software, powered by Revel Digital platform as well. This service enables users to instantly transfer multi-media from any HTML5 browser-based device to the display, irrespective of their geographical location. This makes it an extremely efficient productivity tool, especially in these unprecedented times.

The displays in ViewSonic’s CDE20 series feature a narrow frame design that delivers sharp, clear, and broad viewing experiences. The CDE20 series displays come in various sizes: 43”, 55”, 65”, 75”, and 86” variants that can be integrated into a majority of AV systems like Crestron, Extron, and AMX. This enables faster system deployment and easier system management to create convenient, conducive, and collaborative work environments. The displays in the CDE20 series are all-in-one solutions with ViewSonic’s embedded Signage Platform (VESP) which is a Linux-based Kernel OS, that simplifies installation and maintenance considerably. With VESP, there is no need for users to depend on any external devices to communicate with the server or play digital media. With simplified development, reinforced capability with multiple web formats, and secured protection, these displays really are complete solutions in themselves. Equipped with Intel’s Open Pluggable Specification (OPS), these displays in ViewSonic’s CDE20 series provide cable-free integration and easy installation in all kinds of business environments. Moreover, these displays can flawlessly connect to external media players to help users unlock a whole new world of multi-media entertainment.

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With the myViewBoard Display, users can wirelessly share content from their device without requiring any dongles or the need to download any app. When using the myViewBoard Display, all meeting participants have the option to mirror their desktop screens on to their WPD by merely logging on to a browser and synching to the display’s ID using the OTP generated. With this solution in ViewSonic’s CDE20 WPD series, sharing the content becomes considerably more manageable and significantly more efficient in modern workplaces. The ViewBoard Cast solution in this is designed to provide advanced sharing and collaboration functions that cater to a wide range of needs that may arise under different workplace scenarios. This aspect of ViewSonic’s CDE WPD series takes presentations, meetings, and workshops to a whole new level of interactive and collaborative that help users truly unleash the power of the bring-your-own-device trend. With this solution, the screens of multiple devices can be simultaneously mirrored on the partitioned WPD, making conference meetings quite hassle-free and fun.

The third aspect of all displays in ViewSonic’s CDE20 WPD series is the myViewBoard Manager. It is a powerful tool that empowers users with an array of functions to make way for the efficient remote management of multiple displays, irrespective of their geographical locations. With the myViewBoard Manager, IT administrators now have a convenient dashboard that gives them the power to control devices remotely and even display content and emergency broadcasts, all from one place. This solution creates a reliable and secure remote management system for devices and content sharing. A noteworthy feature for ViewSonic’s CDE20 WPD Series if offices are using multiple displays is that they can be grouped and updated remotely, making it super simple for admins to install software on several groups of devices simultaneously.


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