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‘Year on TikTok’: Video-sharing platform launches its first personalised annual recap feature

Really enjoyed making dancing videos or couldn’t stop watching cooking clips on TikTok in 2020? Well, the app now has a year-in-review feature that will show you exactly what you did on the platform in the past year.

The social media platform announced the launch of its first personalised annual recap feature with the release of ‘Year on TikTok’, a video highlight reel that showcases individual users’ top TikTok moments.

This includes information like how long a user has been on TikTok, what sort of videos they watched most, their favourite music tracks and creative effects, statistics on how often they engaged with content, amongst other data.

What’s your ‘Vibe’?

Each personalised video highlights TikTok favorites from their 2020, and even shares a handful of a user’s favourite ‘vibes’ based on the kind of content they loved most or interacted with.

Vibes describe the sort of videos a user liked best, such as crafts, cooking, animals, travel or any other type of the categories that have been popular on the video sharing platform.

How to access your top 2020 TikTok moments

The feature can be accessed by opening the app and selecting the ‘Year on TikTok’ icon on the ‘For You’ feed. Users can also find it on the ‘Year on TikTok’ banner on the ‘Discover’ page.

According to American online publisher, if users have not been on TikTok long enough to have developed their own Vibe, TikTok says their ‘Year on TikTok’ will include other top videos from its ‘Year on TikTok: Top 100’ list instead.



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